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G-Cloud Spend API - Public Beta

What can you do with this API?

The API will let you query government's published G-Cloud spend data from within a programming language or application (e.g. Microsoft Excel)

The API is simple to call using a URL with parameters. For example:

All purchases by Cabinet Office since 1st Jan 2013

Please note that when you click the link, the results may look unformatted. That is because the API is returning the data. It is up to the calling program to format it.

The following link takes you to a sample web page to test the API. Please note there is no branding on the web page.

The following links will take you to example programs that call the API, one in PHP code (the code that generates the page in the link above) and one as an excel spreadsheet

Important changes 1st Oct 2017

Government has enhanced the data it provides. We are now able to include all of the Digital Marketplace spend data. This has changed the way in which the framework and Lot parameters work - see the panel to the left for more detail and options.

Thank you

Thank you for having a look at the GovSpend.Org.UK API. We welcome your suggestions on how we may improve the service. Choose Contact Us from the home page to get in touch.