About us

Why we created GovSpend.Org.UK

GovSpend.Org.UK was created in a hack day back in 2013. It's purpose is to help more organisations become suppliers to the public sector, particularly small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

As part of the hack day, we researched the views of SME company directors about becoming suppliers to the public sector. Most said they would be motivated to give it a go if they could see similar companies to themselves being successful and winning business. Hence GovSpend.Org.UK was created to allow people to query published spend data to see who is winning business from the public sector.

How we maintain GovSpend.Org.UK

We develop and maintain the service for fun, providing it free to users. Help and offers of support are always appreciated.

Keeping the data updated

Cabinet Office currently publishes data updates about every three months. We usually have the new data loaded within a day or so of Cabinet Office publication.

We have asked Cabinet Office to return to publishing data monthly, it did so from 2013 - 2016. If you know anyone at Cabinet Office or can tweet @GovUKDigiMkt to ask them to return to publishing the data monthly, that would be appreciated.

Using our analysis

You are welcome to use the analysis from GovSpend.Org.UK in your own works and publications. We only ask that you give us a mention e.g. spend analysis using GovSpend.Org.UK.

Getting in touch

Send an email - support@govspend.org.uk or follow us on twitter for news and updates - @GovSpendOrgUK

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