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News - 5th Jan 2020

This section of the site now includes G-Cloud data up to end October 2019. You will see that 2019 monthly totals are lower than 2018. The reason being that we are still waiting for Cabinet Office to provide 2019 spend data for the DOS and Digital Services frameworks which are also included in this Digital Marketplace spend analysis.

If you work in the Public Sector, please encourage Cabinet Office to publish this data more regularly. Currently we are having to submit Freedom of Information requests to get access to the data. Originally the data was published automatically each month, which was great.

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Overview - INOVEM LTD - South Central and West Commissioning Support Unit

Latest Cabinet Office data is loaded - showing to end Oct 2019.

Data from Gov.UK - for source data click here


Total Spend


Spend with SMEs

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Spend analysis by month - £k

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total

Analsysis of SME / Non SME spend - £

YearSME SpendNon SME SpendSME %Non SME %Total
2013 £4,490 £0 100.0% 0.0% £4,490
Grand Totals£4,490£0100.0%0.0%£4,490

Analysis by Framework - £

YearG-CloudDigital Outcomes
and Specialists
2013 £4,490 £0 £0 £4,490
Grand Totals£4,490£0£0£4,490

Detail by Customer - £

CustomerSME %G-CloudDigital Outcomes
and Specialists
3South Central and West Commissioning Support Unit 100% £4,490 £0 £0 £4,490

Grand Total

£4,490 £0 £0 £4,490
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